March 3, 2021

Opera for Android launched in beta

Opera has launched a new Beta version of its browser for Android, which aims to bring a revamped but intuitive interface and other Opera features to the Android platform.


According to the company, Opera for Android Devices has a completely new look and interface. The new web browser has apps that are just for Android that will make web browsing much more convenient for the user.

Opera Software EVP of product development, Rikard Gillemyr, stated at the launch, “There are countless hours that have gone into making this completely new, completely re-thought Opera for Android.” He added that the latest mobile phone browser combines an elegant design with excellent functionality.

The new Opera has a revamped speed dial through which the company says users can access their favourite links with ease. Users can supposedly also easily organize and group together entries on their smartphone with just a touch of a finger. The new browser has an Off-Road mode which integrates the compression technology from Opera Mini, for a faster browsing experience even you have a bad network.

The new Opera Browser for Android (beta) has a History Mode that helps you access sites that you have previously viewed with ease. Other features included in the new browser are a combined search and address bar, Discover feature, tabbed browsing and even an offline mode through which users can download an entire page to read when they are offline.