January 26, 2021

Openbravo and AppDynamics partner to deliver Performance Assurance to customers


Openbravo, the provider of the preferred Commerce and ERP Platform, andAppDynamics, the application intelligence leader for the software-defined business, today announced a strategic partnership to help businesses to optimize Performance Assurance practices for their Openbravo solutions. The strategic alliance with AppDynamics allows Openbravo to provide advanced application monitoring capabilities in combination with its successfulOpenbravo Commerce Platform and Openbravo ERP Platform. Adding AppDynamics solution to the current capabilities of Openbravo results in a unique value proposition for business of all sizes to gain detailed insights into their Openbravo application performance.

The Openbravo Commerce Platform provides agile retailers with a state-of-the-art commerce solution for managing Retail businesses, from Sales and Customer Relationships to Financials and Logistics, across different channels.  The Openbravo ERP Platform provides the customer from any industry with a comprehensive broad horizontal ERP functionality, ready to power their ideas for building smart enterprise solutions. Both products developed on top of a flexible and easily extendible development platform, web, mobile and cloud ready.

With AppDynamics, Openbravo customers will benefit from key features that allow to rapidly identify application performance blind spots, alert System Administrators to potential performance problems before they impact end-users, establish performance baselines to be used as a reference to automatically identify anomalies and create capacity to meet demand – scale up and scale down applications as needed in real-time. AppDynamics can be deployed in a matter of minutes, enabling Openbravo customers to enjoy the benefit of this partnership as of day one.

AppDynamics was positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s 2013 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring.

“Shoppers don’t just want the ability to engage with brands digitally: they expect to interact with retail apps that deliver the same speed, ease and reliability that they are used to from their favorite gaming or social media apps.” said AppDynamics’s head of global alliances, Matthew Polly. “Many retailers have a variety of legacy IT infrastructures that may be fine for websites or e-commerce, but which are less well-suited as platforms for high-performance apps. Given the impact that app outages can have on sales and brand loyalty, it’s critical that retailers have the tools in place to be able to monitor their infrastructure and application ecosystem so that they can spot and resolve any issue that could affect app performance before it becomes a problem for the user. Application Performance Management ensures that Openbravo can bring this level of reliability capability to any business, whether they are a digital start-up or a 100 year-old household name.”


“Successful businesses demand high performing systems.  Thanks to our strategic partnership with AppDynamics, Openbravo clients will benefit from a powerful monitoring solution that will help them to get maximum value from the Openbravo solution. This is especially relevant for larger customers using the Openbravo Enterprise Edition, with more demanding system performance requirements due to a higher concurrence. In these cases performance must be guaranteed and this is what they get with this strategic partnership.”, said Ismael Ciorda, Chief Technology Officer of Openbravo.