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“OpenAI’s ChatGPT Regains Internet Browsing Capability Beyond September 2021 Training Data, Initially for Plus and Enterprise Users”

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has regained its ability to browse the internet, providing users with access to current and authoritative information, including direct links to sources.

This feature was previously limited to data available up to September 2021 but is now available to Plus and Enterprise users via GPT-4.

OpenAI plans to extend web browsing capabilities to all users in the future.

The extension enabling ChatGPT’s internet browsing is called “Browser with Bing.”

Interestingly, Microsoft’s Bing also offers internet browsing capabilities, similar to ChatGPT’s competitor, Google’s Bard.

While ChatGPT iOS users received this update in June, the feature was temporarily halted after users began using the chatbot to access paywalled content.

Plus and Enterprise users can enable the “Browse with Bing” extension, while ChatGPT mobile app users can access it through the app’s settings.

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