January 18, 2021

ONOS Project Announces ‘Blackbird’ SDN Platform

sdnThe Open Network Operating System Project, part of the Open Networking Lab’s (ON.Lab’s) has announced the Blackbird release of its Open Network Operating System (ONOS).

The second ONOS release, Blackbird improves the platform’s ability to support high performance, scale, and availability. It offers metrics designed to enable evaluation of the “carrier-grade quotient” of SDN control plane platforms/controllers. Metrics currently used to measure performance, including simplistic ones such as “Cbench,” do not provide a complete or accurate view of the SDN control plane capabilities thereby highlighting the need for a more indicative set of measurements.

Blackbird is designed to give organisations a more accurate view of the SDN control plane capabilities than current metrics, such as Cbench, officials said. Performance metrics in the operating system touch on topology, northbound traffic and flow operations throughput.

ONOS Project officials want users to apply these metrics to their use of Blackbird to validate the performance, scalability and high availability of the SDN platform.

The developers target ONOS to achieve 1 million flow operations per second and less than 100 ms (and ideally under 10 ms) of latency. The project reports that most of ONOS Blackbird’s measurements meet these targets; the others will be optimised in future releases and in conjunction with use case and deployment requirements, the developers promise.

ONOS is the first open source SDN solution to achieve linear scale-out while maintaining high performance and availability. As the size of your network grows, ONOS instances can be added to scale the SDN control plane, and seamlessly deliver the needed throughput. This ability not only breaks down barriers to real-world deployment but also future-proofs your network.