Only Sky Is The Limit For Goel Imports

As a shining new star of IT Fraternity, GOEL IMPORT’s gi2 logosiren song of transparency, ethicality, credibility and accountability to customers is what sets it apart from the rest of the pack.

All entrepreneurs set out to realize their dreams but very few manage to carve names and extend their reputation beyond the business tents they inhabit. GOEL IMPORTS is one such name. Starting their journey from Carpet and flooring business and importing laminating films under the brand name of G2, the company thought of diversification and ventured in to IT Fraternity. As a part of component business, the Company is dealing in OPC Drums from Suzhou Golden Green Technologies, China. This Company from China is a very renowned name across the Globe. In India, the demand for Suzhou Golden Green Technologies’ products exceeds the supply.

GOEL IMPORTS is also selling PCR, MGR, wiper and doctor blades of laser toner cartridges. Adding another feather in company’s cap, they have recently started toner cartridges business as well.

Delivering quality on every front is grafted into the DNA of the company’s bone marrow and that is the sole reason why the mission of the Company is to offer zero defect products to its partners. They select best manufacturers so as to avoid any kind of quality issues post sales.

Tarun Kumar Gupta, CEO, Goel Imports, quotes, “The prime focus of our Company is to provide an overall quality experience to our customers and partners by fulfilling every promise that we make or it can also be other way round i.e. promising only what we intend to provide”.

Under the dynamic and able leadership of Tarun, the Company is scaling new heights with each passing day. He wants to further consolidate and take his company to a whole new level based on Trust and Relationship. His philosophy is simple and straight forward. He wants to create an ethical and credible brand in the IT sector that earns the faith and respect of consumers and partners.

Goel Imports is going all guns blazing by offering Toners and Cartridges at best price. In fact the prices are such which can not be matched by any other company in India. The products offered are compatible with brands like HP, Samsung, Ricoh, Brother, Panasonic etc.

GOEL IMPORTS will continue to expand its efforts to grow by meeting customer needs today and in the future by continuing to build partnerships based on trust, and by establishing fruitful relationships with the customers. They accomplish this by responding to changing market condition, building a performance driven culture that continues to provide value-added services to the customers.