Online Sales Issue Guideline For Trade by RCTA Jaipur

RCTA Advisory regarding sales on online market place websites

Dear RCTA members,

We thank you all for your association/support  to stop predatory pricing practices indulged by Online/ecommerce sites.

As you know, RCTA has decided to follow the directives from FAIITA (Federation of All India IT Association) where all states are advised to join the national movement of All India associations to fight for a level playing field & stop the disruptive practices adopted by OLS/ecommerce sites.

In line with above, a meeting of RCTA members  was held on 15th Dec. 2014 & it was decided unanimously that every member will follow the following guidelines in regard to above.

1.All IT brands & their products thereof are part of purchase restraint with immediate effect till further information by FAIITA.

a) T1 Channel Partner will not purchase any material from OEMs.

b)T2/T3/T4 channel partners will not purchase any material from any T1 partner or OEMs directly.

c)T2/T3/T4 channel partners can do internal trade with each other with their own carried stock.

2.All members are advised not to purchase, neither to sell IT products directly or indirectly to any of the OLS/ecommerce sites.

3.All members have to discourage disruptive behavior of unauthorized channel partners who sell through online market place sites.

RCTA has formed an “Online Coordination Committee” to monitor above & take steps against those members who clandestinely sell on online market place sites. We call each one of  you being vigilant of cases where some channel partners could be directly or indirectly selling through the OLS.

RCTA-OCC will have liberty to draw exceptions based on parochial business dynamics keeping state unanimity in prespective.

Apart from above, RCTA will continuously work with State Govt. to take out some solution like imposing Entry tax etc. to control Online market .

It’s a fight for our survival, so let’s hold hands together for showing our unity to ourselves and the entire country for business growth and bright future.