Oneplus is working on their Oneplus Pods; Oneplus TV and Oneplus Z to launch next month

Apple is truly a trendsetter after they released their Air pods back in 2016 it changed the game for true wireless stereo(TWS). Every company has been trying to give their take on the wireless earbuds. Initially, we thought what a waste of money, but now people are willing to send their cash on TWS. A leaker recently posted the design for the Oneplus pods as they being called. Oneplus also has released its Bluetooth earphones The Bullets Wireless and Bullets Wireless 2 which was a decently offering from the company at a lower price and long-lasting battery life with quick charging and decent sound quality. Oneplus has also announced more budget-friendly Bullets Wireless Z earphones which probably will be released with the Oneplus Z. But the surprising entry is of the Oneplus Pods. Oneplus is known to have modeled their strategy around Apple, and they have been quite successful in it. A Leaker posted the design of the Pods from Oneplus and wrote that while testing the Android11 Beta fir the Oneplus devices he found some strange information in the setting’s menu that suggesting that Oneplus may be working on their Pods. In the Bluetooth mainframe, there was an option for reading the battery life for both left and right earplugs. He also found a package in the application center ‘com’oneplus.twspods’. All these references point to the development of Oneplus Pods. Basic TWS earbuds use the double-tap actions for playing or pausing music or skipping to the next or previous song. They also give you the functionality to talk to the AI. Apple uses Siri while android devices use the Google Assistant. It will be interesting to see how Oneplus will surprise us with their latest offering. There are still hanging around with the design, availability, pricing, and the audio quality which is of utmost importance.

Oneplus is planning a lot of new devices and will supposedly launch the Oneplus Z mid-range smartphone with 5G capabilities next month. Oneplus customers are waiting for an alternative after they increased the price of the Onelus8 series. Oneplus has also been working on the cheaper version of the Oneplus TV which will be launched in India later this year. Oneplus has also delivered the demands of its customers and has always kept their needs in mind. It will be interesting to see how a company moves forward with its new strategy as they enter a new decade and work on the more unique products.