OnePlus 8T Receive OxygenOS

OnePlus 8T is getting its OxygenOS update in the country, a hot-fix update that solves problems that are caused by the former update. The over-the-air Oxygen OS hot-fix update optimizes call stability, enhances system power consumption performance to decrease heating, and solves other problems. On 13th November, alongside the India release statement, the company has said that the update will soon be accessible for devices in Europe and North America too. OnePlus 8T had gotten an OxygenOS update with almost a similar changelog only 10 days ago.

OxygenOS is releasing to a small %p of OnePlus 8T users in India yet and will have a wider release in a few days. The hot-fix update arrives in the country with version KB05DA, as proclaimed on the company’s community forum. The update for the smartphone will be obtainable in Europe and North America as version KB05BA and KB05AA respectively.


Image from OnePlus


As mentioned previously, this is a hot-fix update and the changelog is more or less similar because it was for the OxygenOS update for the smartphone. According to the changelog, system updates for 8T contains enhanced mis-touch prevention, which will result in an augmented gaming experience. The user experience will further be optimized with Alert Slider by adding toast messages while switching among the 3 modes. The problem of the status bar soaring on the screen while in landscape mode has been fixed, along with the problem of the NFC not turning on under specific situations.

OxygenOS brings updates for the smartphone camera involving optimizing the imaging effect to bring an improved shooting experience and augmented camera stability. The mobile network connection has been optimized for OnePlus 8T and the problem of network interruption taking place in some circumstances while playing games has been solved.

It could take some days for the OxygenOS hot-fix update to reach the user’s device. If they have not received a notification till now, they can check for the update themselves by going to Settings and then clicking on System, and them forging ahead to System updates.