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The information regarding the launch of 1plus 8T in India is given through/by the official site of OnePlus i.e. and as well. The launch is delayed and was set to release earlier but due to the pandemic, the launch date is shifted as it has affected the supply chains. However, as per the speculations, the tentative date for the launch of the new OnePlus phone is on 14th October 2020.  Also, no such major changes are likely to be observed over OnePlus 8 but the charging support will be fast (65W) and the handset might have a restructured camera.

To excite the buyers/consumers, Amazon has come up with a contest that will allow its customers to participate in it and get a chance to win the new OnePlus 8T. The contest is opened till 14th October which gives an inkling of the release of OnePlus 8T.


The official site of OnePlus i.e. has given an entire page solely to the new OnePlus 8T and the page has a coming soon tag attached to the picture. Like Amazon, the brand is to offer a chance to win the phone by making its customers participate in the contest. Along with that, it is also offering a discount of 5% on mobile accessories and bullets wireless vouchers. However, no hints have been provided by the company.


The specifications – What can be expected?

Rumour says that the phone will have an OxygenOS 11 with 6.55 inch of an HD display, an octa-core QUALCOMM snapdragon 865 + SoC, a sound rate of 120Hz, and a Ram of 12 gigabytes. The storage will have options ranging from 128 and 256 gigabytes.

Apart from that, the camera will be situated at the top left and would have 48mp of primary sensors, 2mp of portrait lens sensor, 5mp of a macro shooter, and 16mp of an ultra-wide-angle shooter.

The front camera will possess 32mp sensors for selfies and the phone will have a battery of 4500mAh, along with the charging of 65 watts.