March 7, 2021

OnePlus 6 launch set for June, Snapdragon 845 confirmed

Post a month after OnePlus 5T, the company CEO has seemingly confirmed the next flagship phone — and it is most likely going to be the OnePlus 6 — as rumoured earlier. Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus confirmed the coming of the next flagship phone by the company sometime in the second quarter. Although, Lau didn’t exactly confirm the launch time frame, but chances are OnePlus 6 — if that’s what the company may call the phone — should come around June, considering OnePlus 5 was also launched at the same time, last year.
As of now, there’s no confirmed information of the upcoming OnePlus phone. But, in an interview with CNET, Pete Lau did mention that the next OnePlus phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest processor — Snapdragon 845. On asking about the OnePlus 6, Lau didn’t reveal much detail about the phone, but did mention that the device will be backed by Snapdragon 845, obviously because “there’s no other choice.” Considering, other flagship phones like — Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ and the rest are also said to come with the same processor, Snapdragon 845 definitely makes more sensor for OnePlus 6.
Lau — as of yet — hasn’t confirmed the name of the next OnePlus phone. But, logically, it could be OnePlus 6 — succeeding the recently launched OnePlus 5T. Furthermore, it is also likely that OnePlus may launch only one phone this year, unlike 2017 which saw the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. In 2018, we may see only OnePlus 6 and no 6T is on the pipeline. The assumption comes after the CNET report mentions, “Lau said he wasn’t 100 percent sure if OnePlus would sell a second phone in 2018, although it has done so in the past two years.”
Meanwhile, Lau also revealed that OnePlus is to partnering up with US carriers for sales of its devices. “If the right opportunity and right timing come along, we’ll be very happy to experiment,” says Lau. But he declined to provide any information as to when a deal might struck.
The upcoming OnePlus 6 has been subjected to several leaks and rumours already. While some rumours hint at under display fingerprint scanner, others suggest that the flagship phone may also include iPhone X like 3D facial recognition system aided by a good camera, infrared light and AI based algorithms. As far as the design is concerned, OnePlus 6 will be an improvement over the OnePlus 5T and is said to come with a more refined design that will give more space to the screen — a bezel-less screen.