“One of the best ways to come up with innovative idea is to be inspired by others, and by having a close tap on the market intelligence.’- Jaswinder Singh – Regional Head – Philips AOC

Jahnavi-How do you particularly come up with various ideas and ways to create as well as launch different and unique products in the market? How come you are sure enough that they will not fail ?

Jaswinder – Basically it takes lot of brainstorming within the ecosystem, for example people who are in this domain, who are selling such products and interacting day in day out with the people who are actually end users, connecting with the customer and understand their requirement is the key to gather various ideas. Secondly you need to think it from different perspective, try thinking about the need of the product from a different angles, for example, if you are trying to develop a new product. Think about that needs the product would address that others don’t.

Jahnavi-What are the major focus of your company in general? How do you ensure to fulfil every aspect of it?

Jaswinder – Primarily for coming years our company focus will be on enterprise business, We will progress in this domain by offering our value proposition to our customers with the right product which meet their future requirements. Secondly to build ecosystem to support enterprise business, Our prime focus would be to collaborate with IT system integrators who plays pivotal role in this business segment. To fulfil every aspect of it we will pull off 360 degree approach which includes – Product, Price, Place, People, Processes & Promotion and we will also encourage our people gets regular trainings on their domain to yield better possible results.

Jahnavi-What are the significant visions and aims of your company?

Jaswinder -Our vision is to create value for our customers by offering best in class products & services. We at TPV aims to become a comprehensive suppliers for display products.

Jahnavi-How are you able to attain the ultimate customer satisfaction? What do you think are the major factors to be focused on to ensure the this?

Jaswinder –  Customer feedback is important to us to take appropriate action for customer delight, We follow basic rule “ABC” A – Availability of our representative, B – Behaviour of our & C your competence to handle customer’s problem and offering them the right solution.

Jahnavi-How do you ensure and fulfil the long term goals of your company?

Jaswinder –   Defining goals and monitoring the progress periodically is the key, In essence to define the outcome initially – We at TPV break down goals to half yearly, Quarterly, Monthly & weekly basis, then drive optimisation around the near terms so that you can define the performance & ensure the legit results.

Jahnavi-Focusing on the fact that you have been a part of the IT industry for so long, what are your thoughts on it?

Jaswinder – The IT sector has become one of the most significant growth catalysts for the Indian economy, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP, India is now prepared for the next phase of growth in its IT revolution. India is viewed by the rest of the world as having one of the largest Internet user bases and the cheapest Internet rates, India’s rankings improved four places to the 46th position at the 2021 edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII). Indian IT’s core competencies and strengths have attracted significant investment from major countries and companies. There is lot of potential in the industry and there are many more innovation & creativity on the way..!

Jahnavi-What are the major steps and measures taken to ensure the quality of the products which your company has to offer?

Jaswinder – When a product is designed and executed, We at TPV that product will ensure that the product has met all the requirements. The product will be checked under different circumstances to ensure that the product has absolute dimensions and durability. Paying heed to feedbacks, checking the reliability of the product, analysing safety & security of the product and ensuring better user experience within the product management .

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