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Omni-Channel Innovations: The future of CRM which will help to grow business

                                          By Limesh Parekh, CEO of Enjay IT Solutions

With the evolution of technology, digitisation and the rise of the global consumer, have all led to omnipresent brand conversations between brands and consumers. This has resulted in conversations that are across integrated platforms and offers seamless access, across geographies, time zones and devices.

In order to effectively handle the Omni-channel environment, a strong CRM solutions is vital. Ideally a cloud based set up that can assist widespread access with relevant technical framework needed to manage multiple information workflows. These solutions can be of great help when handling a large inflow of information from multiple platforms, namely web, mobile, in-personinteractions, chat, and even outside sources. IF implemented correctly, a true Omni-channel CRM solution can result into an efficient, consistent and effective customer experience.Listed herewith are the key CRM features which help shape the Omni Channel Innovations for Business Growth:

1.Manage Data

Omni-channel brand conversations are typically open ended and facilitate dialogue with new and potential customers. This can result in massive duplication of data, each time a consumer connects through a different channel. Further, a potential customer may start a dialogue on his mobile handset and may temporarily suspend it before restarting the conversation on this laptop/ desktop devise. A smartly integrated Cloud CRM system can not only ensure that there is no duplication of data but also assist in gaining insightful background information about the customer, in the process. This can thus help the company to portray itself as a digitally savvy and customer friendly brand.

2.Monitor sentiment

Mobile and Social Media CRM tools are efficient in capturing valuable brand conversations across social media platforms. These are a huge help in monitoring brand sentiments and gaining insights into the possible drawbacks/ shortfalls in a marketing campaign or a new product. The Social CRM tool can also be extremely helpful in understanding vital market dynamics. Geographical sentiments and gauging popularity of specific product functions. All of this can be valuable to not just monitor brand sentiment but to also create a better and customised product offering.

3.Real-time response

With easy and timely access to data as well as accurate and consistent monitoring of brand sentiment can be valuable in curating effective and well informed responses to consumer queries/ complaints in real-time. This can help save a lengthy process of a ticket being raised and then check by a team of customer service professionals. Instead, a well-managed CRM can help tackle this task with relative ease and automation, while adding value to consumer engagement. Further, this can also help in early identification of possible crisis and help nip this at the onset through apt solutions/ responses, thus averting a full blown crisis/ negative brand imagery.

4.Strong Brand Reputation

With all the above tools, CRM can help monitor, collect data, analyse and automate effective responses at every consumer touch-point, creating a strong back-up to support the Omni-channel marketing and customer service platforms for modern businesses. This smart integration of businesses processes can help reap benefits that are not limited only to monetary growth and expansion but also adding to brand value and customer loyalty.