March 1, 2021

Olympus Launches 8 New Products

As the imaging world faces a lacuna of cameras with a difference, Olympus launches 8 different cameras to fill the void –


Olympus Imaging India Private Limited has announced the launch of 8 new cameras across its Olympus Stylus brand. Coming to shelves soon in India are the SZ-16 and the SH-50, known for brilliant performance over varying light conditions, the VG-165, VG-180 & VG-190 renowned for easy and fun shooting in everyday life. Add to this the XZ-2 and the XZ-10 which are globally acknowledged for superior imaging quality, and the much applauded and much discussed TG-2, and Olympus takes the cake for the imaging year going forward.

With the launch of these cameras, Olympus has shown that it is ready to adapt to changing times as the compact camera segment falls to the smartphone camera. At such a point of time, the advanced point-and-shoot, an advanced breed of cameras has taken much of the imaging world by surprise with superb imaging quality at extremely competitive prices.

 “Much has been said of India being a price sensitive country. Today, we at Olympus, having interacted with Indian consumers can firmly say that they are willing to consider a premium, provided the product is of exceptional quality, both style-and-substance-wise” said Mr.

Kenichiro Mori, newly appointed Managing Director, Olympus Imaging India Private Limited adding, “We have placed our faith in advanced point-and-shoot this year as we see consumers evolving to ask for a product which is a combination of exceptional photo quality and amazing style. We want to be at the forefront of that race.”

Olympus has entered the market with these multiple offerings in the compact camera segment, and its PEN series and the legacy product OMD E-M5 in the professional camera space. With these it looks to change the face of the Indian imaging industry. “India has traditionally had a slower rate of adoption of new technology than some other regions such as Europe, the Americas or Japan. But being a young country demographically, this trend is rapidly reversing. Keeping this in mind, we launched products which are futuristic, yet are firmly anchored in needs of consumers” was what Mr. Toshiaki Gomi, Director & Board Member, Olympus Imaging Corp had to say at the launch.