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o9 Solutions plants 11,487 trees in Maharashtra

o9 Solutions, a leading enterprise AI software platform provider for transforming planning and decision-making, today announced the results of o9 Walks 2023, one of o9’s flagship social impact initiatives that is aligned to organization’s commitment and progress toward its promoting fitness and environmental sustainability.

o9’s target this year was a total goal of 500 Million steps which meant a 58% increase from the previous edition. As per last year, for every 50,000 steps collected during the initiative, o9 Solutions’ committed to planting one tree.

This year, o9 Walks has amassed 574 million steps. This has led to the planting of 11,487 trees.

Last year, participants of o9 walks made a significant contribution by planting 6,317 trees on the fringes of the Simlipal National Park in the eastern Indian state of Odisha to protect and enlarge the only habitat in the world for melanistic tigers. This year, o9 Walks raised funds for the Trees for Water program in collaboration with Tree-Nation.org to plant 11,487 trees in the Maharashtra state of India, suffering from severe droughts due to seasonal water scarcity. The trees planted by o9 Walks will protect against soil erosion and make it more permeable, thus improving groundwater availability for local communities in the region.

The success of o9 Walks can be attributed to the support and collaboration of over 3,000 participants from 48 countries including o9 Solutions’ employees, their families, friends, and o9’s customers and partners who took part in the challenge. This international community rallied together, exemplifying the power of unity and achieving a shared goal.

“o9 Walks embodies our fundamental principles and commitment to creating a meaningful impact on a global scale. This initiative resonates with our core values as we strive to make a positive difference in both lives and the environment. As a company that empowers enterprises to optimize resource utilization and minimize their carbon footprint, we recognize the urgent importance of conserving our ecosystem, especially in the face of increasingly evident climate change impacts worldwide” expressed Igor Rikalo, President and COO of o9 Solutions.

Looking ahead, o9 Solutions is committed to making future editions of o9 Walks even more remarkable. The company anticipates the next edition of o9 Walks, scheduled for 2024, and encourage all fitness enthusiasts and environmental advocates to mark their calendars and join the company on this remarkable journey.

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