nvidia_tegrazone_app_android_635Nvidia has made its TegraZone app available for non-Tegra Android devices with its latest update.

The TegraZone app, now available to download from the Google Play store, comes in version 2.9.0. On the Play Store listing, Nvidia says “TegraZone is not intended to replace the purchase, download, or functionality of Google Play, but rather to compliment it by providing a selection of premium games that developers believe will offer an exceptional experience for users of Tegra-powered phones and tablets.”

Nvidia also announced the wide-compatibility on the official website, saying “TegraZone is now enabled for users of non-Tegra devices so they can learn about Tegra and great Android games.”

Other features included in the latest TegraZone update include shortcut sharing icons; highlighting special interest groups of games by publisher, feature and genre; support for Nvidia Shield and Android HID controllers for set-top boxes and microconsoles; and archived news items.

Recently at CES 2014 event, Nvidia introduced the “GameStream-Ready” ecosystem of PCs and Wi-Fi routers, which offers the gamers smooth and low-latency gaming from their Nvidia-powered PC or the Nvidia Grid cloud.

This streaming technology would only work in those PCs which feature a compatible Nvidia GeForce GTX card and have Nvidia GeForce Experience installed, a PC optimization tool for gamers. For streaming the games in a swift manner, Nvidia, besides PCs, have been also working with some router manufacturers.

The GameStream technology was released less than a year ago, and enables gamers to stream games from their Nvidia PCs or from the Nvidia Grid cloud to their Shield portable gaming consoles.



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