February 24, 2021

Now, Education made Easy and Interesting with iBall Edu-Slide!

If the various facets of entertainment can be made more and more interesting for all, why not those of education?


At a time when tablets are assuming increasing importance in lives of students and professionals alike, iBall, one of the Indian technology giants is soon going to launch iBall Edu-Slide –

specially designed and dedicated to the education of students.

The offering naturally has two major components “the Tablet PC” and “the content”. To make it the most ideal for the students both aspects have been given the maximum attention.

The content by e-Teach is created by a group of IITians who had been working for over last 5 years to bring something really useful for students and is presented in a manner that makes education easy to understand as well as interesting to learn. eTeach has been working dedicatedly with an objective to change the dynamics of the Indian education system with the use of digital media devices.

Visual explanations of scientific processes are always going to be a treat to learn with.

On the hardware Tablet front, iBall has ensured whatever is needed for the students – terrific and seamless performance with exceptional specifications ideal for the students.

Various findings and tests bring out the fact that bigger screens of minimum nine inch and above size are ideal for students.

Based on this requirement for students, iBall Edu-Slide is presented with 10.1” screen size to ensure the product is ideal for the student requirement and is loaded with absolutely high technology for smooth and terrific performance.

Its dual core processor (Cortex A9 with 1.5 GHz) and G400 mali graphic processor and 1 GB big RAM gives the stunning and seamless performance for the animated content for education and will keep the young users hooked onto the subject when they open their text books next.

iBall Edu Slide i1017 is a 10.1-inch HD screen tablet PC with high resolution HD screen (1280*800) and with IPS technology to make it absolutely perfect for the students.

The IPS screen gives the ease of using and holding the tablet in any angle for clear viewing. It also provides very smooth touch and feel to enjoy the learning on the Tablet. Latest Android 4.1 Jellybean OS is loaded with an educational software content eTeach.

iBall Edu-Slide powered by eTeach, has been designed so to make learning more engaging and fun for every student – from Standard I to XII for both CBSC and SSC (Maharashtra) in English medium. Marathi medium content of SSC is also available for standards V to X.eTeach curriculum is based on the one provided by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and can be easily stored on the 8GB in-built flash memory.

Alternatively, the educational content can also be provided in an external Micro SD card. Students will have easy access to tests and question banks, which are evaluated on a real – time basis providing users a platform to gauge one’s own performances. Doubt clearance is now possible by interacting with subject matter experts online, and all the content available is ‘Sharable Content Object Reference Model’ compliant.

One of the brainchild’s behind Edu-Slide, Mr.Sandeep Parasrampuria said, “We’re entering with a motive to complement our education system, not replace it.

There is a dearth of quality content in this sector and with increasing number of tablet users, now’s a great time to present iBall Edu-Slide powered by eTeach.

Our goal is to make optimum utilization of the technology enhancements and create an environment where education is made easy and interesting.”

Along with the customized educational software that iBall Edu-Slide provides, parents and students can download various education apps, books and games from the Android market which can further enhance their learning experience. Photography of important text notes as well as video-chatting with mentors is possible thanks to the 2.0MP rear camera and the VGA front camera.

Having selected Mumbai as its launch pad, iBall Edu-Slide is on the cusp of changing and moulding several futures of the country.

At the launch phase the same will be available at the best buy price of just Rs 12,999 with 1 standard education content included.

As introductory offer an additional standard content will be provided free for those buying before 15th of April 2013. The price assumes significant advantage for the buyer with such an impressive tablet PC with Dual core and high specs literally available to the user for Rs 7000 if the cost of contents (Rs2999 x 2 year) is reduced. A not to be missed offer – both in terms for value for money as well as usefulness to the students!!!