Now Customise Your Postpaid Plan With Airtel!

Airtel-leads-on-all-network-quality-parameters-according-to-TRAIBharti Airtel customers in India can now enjoy personalised postpaid plans in India. The plan offered by Airtel, known as myPlan allows subscribers to pay only for the services that they need. This naturally means that customers would have the option to choose the services that they want on their mobile phones and opt out of the rest.

Pre designed postpaid plans won’t be applicable for them any longer. To choose their customised plans, the subscribers can call the Airtel customer care and change their post paid plans as per their needs.

Basically, while earlier users would have had to choose from a list of post paid plans that Airtel had to offer, now they can simply only choose the services they want. This seems quite similar to pre paid plans, only that customers will receive a bill at the end of the month instead of paying up front.

According to a report on The Mobile India, Goving Rajan, chief managing officer, consumer business, Bharti Airtel, said, “Airtel myPlan is an innovative step in this direction which highlights the fact that every customer is different – some spend their time on STD, some on local calls and some on data content. myPlan allows such customers to create a flexible and customised plan depending on their specific needs. In fact, it is so flexible that even if one customer wants a particular plan, we can create it for him!”

Lastly, while new customers can directly opt for these services, existing or old customers also have the option to switch.