Now Contact Delhi Police Via Android App

app_1772271cNow, you can lodge complaint about lost items in Delhi, via a much easier process as the Delhi Police has launched a mobile app for the Android phones. The application is called Delhi Police Lost Report and is available in Google Play Store for free.

The application will now facilitate a trouble-free lodging of report with the Delhi Police for loss of article / document, in Delhi. To reach out to the public and form a more people friendly relationship, the app will help Delhi-ites to register loss of items, directly with the Police and not go to the Station. The complainant has to provide various details like complainant’s name, father’s or mother’s name, address, mobile No, email ID, place of loss in Delhi, date of loss and time of loss (optional) when they lodge the loss on the app.

Once the complaint is lodged with ‘Lost Report’ and the register button is clicked, the complainant will then get a LR no. with other details that confirm the lodging of the report with the Delhi Police. You can further view and download, or save and exit after getting the right prompt. Also, the complainant can retrieve the report by clicking the retrieve button, for future. You can even verify the authenticity of the report, by entering the LR no. on your visit to the website of Delhi Police (

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

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