Nokia Plans To Bring low-priced Deals For 4G, 3G Phones In India

ITVoice News: Nokia gets inclined towards the pricing policy in its attempts to recapture the market position which it lost in 2012 to south Korean smartphone brand, Samsung which at present is at a leading position in Indian smartphone market.

While commenting upon its plans, Chris Weber, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s mobile device sales told PTI, “We want to continue to push price points lower and lower than anything we have today. That’s the statement for both 3G and LTE (4G) because that is the thing which gives us scale of the ecosystem.”

He further added, “We are also trying to push price point even lower on LTE devices like 635 to take advantage of that (Indian telecom operators plan to launch 4G services) opportunity. The goal is to make sure that we have a full portfolio that plays in to that opportunity.”

Nokia few years back had an impressive hold on the market which was perhaps held back mainly due to large flow of cheap Chinese phones. It now runs under, US IT giant Microsoft.

The cheapest Nokia 4G phone Lumia 635 is available (not in India) for around Rs 11,300 excluding taxes. Sources reveal that it even has plans to launch latest 4G-enabled phone Lumia 830, priced at around Rs 26,000 excluding taxes latest by October.

One of the main reasons for the telecom operators for not bringing out 4G network services in the country was observed as to be the limited availability of affordable devices to access the 4G network. It may raise the internet usage speed 10-12 times as against 3G network services.

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