January 27, 2021

Nokia Lumia smartphones are currently priced between Rs 10,000-38,000

Nokia to cut Lumia smartphone prices

Searay-Cyan-00043-png shivakumar

Finnish handset maker Nokia is thinking of cutting the prices of its Lumia brand smartphones in India.

The Lumia smartphones have fared well in developed markets including China, but their sales have not been impressive in India or middle east region. Now, Nokia is attempting to woo customers in these markets with price discounts.

Nokia’s senior vice president (India, Middle East & Africa) D Shivakumar told ET that the rethink in pricing is in response to the fact that Lumia phones have been selling more in wealthier markets (including China).

However, the senior executive did not elaborate of the price cut. Currently, Nokia Lumia smartphones are priced between Rs Rs 10,000-38,000