Nokia In Talks For 4G Handsets


is in talks with telecom operators for launching 4G handsets with packages. “In US and other countries, Nokia Lumia is also used as 4G handsets. While in India, these phones are 4G capable and not yet enabled. So far the largest 4G telecom operator in India, Reliance Jio has got spectrum at 2300 MHz while other operators are at 1800 MHz. So for both the frequencies, different preparations are needed. We have already started talks with the operators. Now, launch of 4G handsets will depend on operators,” said Viral Oza, director marketing, Nokia.

He said India may see a similar concept of the US of ‘phone on contracts’ in India. “In US, locked phones are sold on subsidies that too on contracts, while India is an open market. Hence, there are possibilities of handsets being sold on contract but will not be locked. As every operator has got different frequencies for 4G, the mobile companies will have to design and make the phone as per the requirements,” he said.

When asked about pricing, Oza said it is too early to predict prices of 4G handsets. “Everything will depend on the telecom operators. They will have to decide on how they want to package and sell the services and phones. So there are high chances that Nokia may partner with the telecom operators to sell 4G handsets,” he said.

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