No More Copyright Issues On YouTube Videos, Checks Feature Is Here

No More Copyright Issues On YouTube Videos

No More Copyright Issues On YouTube Videos

YouTube has become a universe of data where 720,000 hours of videos are uploaded every day. Many bloggers have made a career out of YouTube videos. As a result, it poses a challenge for the online video sharing platform to safeguard the original creator’s copyrights.

At the same time, the biggest headache any vlogger could face is a copyright issue on the uploaded video. The copyright infringement could be partial or full. In either case, it is a challenge for the video creator and YouTube. Now, the company has rolled out a feature where you can check for any copyright infringement prior to uploading the video.

This would help to minimize the number of videos uploaded with copyright claims. The new feature will be known as “Checks”.

Checks Feature on YouTube
Courtesy Matt Navarra Twitter

Tests for the feature started in the month of September last year. Now, the feature will be rolled out on YouTube Studio (desktop version only). It will primarily check on the potential copyright violations and Ad suitability.

Ad suitability feature will check if there would be any possible issues that may stop showing ads in your videos. This feature would be available only for creators who are monetizing the videos. On the other hand, the copyright check feature will be rolled for all the creators.

The check feature system will not fix the issues a hundred percent but with time we can expect the system will become better at controlling the issues. Provided this, one can still get a copyright violation notice even after the checks system has given a green signal to the video. The feature will give a chance to the creators to work on the flagged content before it is published.

Similarly, when a copyright issue is detected by the checks, the user will be advised to see details. The user will be able to check the details of the content with the issue or issues.

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If the system detects a potential ad suitability issue the user will see a Request a review window. YouTube will advise the creator to check the metadata, thumbnail, and the video before requesting a review. Once done the user will receive an email with the update.

It may take up to 5 min to finish the check process completely depending upon the length of the video.

The users can publish their videos while the check runs in the background. However, if there is any issue related to copyright or ad suitability if found it may affect the monetization and visibility of the video adversely.