February 25, 2021

NIIT Technologies Conferred With Aecus Innovation Awards 2016

NIIT Technologies Limited, a leading global IT solutions NIITorganization has been conferred with the Aecus Innovation Awards 2016 from European consulting firm Aecus. NIIT Technologies has won the award for delivering ‘Uninterrupted Business and IT operations at Multiple Airports during Unprecedented Crisis’ for Airports Authority of India (AAI).

The award winning submission included the details of the way a crisis created by the natural disaster was handled by NIIT Technologies. Heavy rainfalls in Chennai caused immense flooding on the runway and as a safety protocol, the Chennai airport was evacuated and shut down. This included shutting down the Data Centre which managed airport operations across 10 airports in the country. Thousands of passengers and hundreds of flights running were at risk of being delayed. NIIT Technologies maintained Business Continuity and managed disaster recovery smoothly in 11 minutes.

Aecus Innovation lead and Partner Paul Morrison commented, “Congratulations to NIIT Technologies and Airports Authority of India on winning the innovation award. Innovation is a simple idea. It means creating value by doing things differently – creating better, cheaper or smarter services. But outsourcing is not always seen as a fertile environment for innovation. By winning this award, NIIT Technologies and AAI demonstrated that outsourcing and innovation can really thrive together for better outcomes.”

“We are honoured to be recognized for our work done with AAI.” said Arvind Mehrotra, President and Global Business Head – Infrastructure Management Services, NIIT Technologies. “Our service culture promotes empathy, innovation and constantly seeks new ways to deliver value.”

The Aecus Innovation Awards seek to identify “Innovation in Outsourcing” and celebrate the best examples of service providers, technology providers and their clients working together, in new ways that create value.

Over 35 entries were submitted, and were judged on innovation and ability to create value – in the form of superior, cost-effective and enhanced digital service experience for customers, employees and citizens.