Nexus 5 Has Been Officially Discontinued By Google

The popular Nexus 5 has been officially discontinued by Google. This doesn’t nexus-5-discontinuedcome as a surprise as Google was believed to stop selling the device sometime in the Q1 of 2015. This value-for-money smartphone has been discontinued in favour of the new Nexus 6.

“The Nexus 5 is no longer available for purchase,” the phone’s page now reads.

Even on the India website for Google Play Store, the smartphone is not listed anymore. However, users can still it from e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon And it’s not the only Google product that’s disappeared; the first Chromebook Pixel, a high-end Chrome OS laptop, is also gone, as Ubergizmo points out.

It seems Google was in the mood for some spring cleaning this week, which could have something to do with the introduction today of a new Chromebook Pixel with a USB Type-C connector And there’s always the Nexus 6, a bigger and better Google flagship that will surely remain on top – until the next thing comes along, at least.