Do You really need new iphone 6s or 6s plus

Apple has just released iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in Indian market. Smartphone industry is looking up to these two devices. Smartphone users are waiting in queues to get hold of new iPhones. Many existing iPhone users are in dilemma of upgrading to new generation iPhone. If you look at the iPhone lineup. There is an iPhone to suit every budget and user category. IPhones in India start from Rs 13,000 to Rs 92,000/-
iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone alternatives, latest iPhone vs old iPhone, iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6, iPhone 6s vs iPhone 5s1. iPhone 6S – Starting from Rs 62,000/-
The latest iPhone 6S brings fairly large display, better camera and processor. It is a great device for photography, casual gaming and performance. It packs some unique features like 3D touch, live wallpaper etc. The pricing of new iPhone 6S is quite high. It makes you think, is it really worth paying Rs 62,000 for 16GB version? The prices are not likely to come down for at least next 6-8 months. Several sellers and carriers are offering bundled offers though. It’s worth buy if you are upgrading from older iPhone 4S or 5.
2. iPhone 6S Plus – Starting from Rs 72,000/-
iPhone 6S Plus is larger version of iPhone 6S. The only major difference between iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is larger display. However, it comes at Rs 10,000 more than iPhone 6S. Sellers are trying to sweeten the deal but, we feel it’s still not worth spending Rs 10,000 more than iPhone 6S for just larger display. You must consider that, larger display will be difficult to use with one hand.
3. iPhone 6 – Starting from Rs 40,000/-
iPhone 6 is a previous generation iOS device. The device comes with sufficiently large display, faster processor and good camera. The new model, iPhone 6S brings only few new features like 2D touch and lives photos. Instead it’s much more sensible for iPhone 6 users to wait for iPhone 7. At Rs 22,000 more, iPhone 6S doesn’t really make sense.
4. iPhone 5S – Starting from Rs 28,000/-
Apple’s 4-inch iPhone 5S is still ruling the smartphone market in India. It was the first device to come with fingerprint scanner and good camera. The solid build quality of iPhone 5S made many people fall for it. The device offers fast processor and relatively smaller display as compared to latest iPhone 6S Plus. At online starting price of Rs 28,000/-, this is still a hot buy. But, if you are existing iPhone 5S customer then it makes sense for you to upgrade to iPhone 6S or 6S Plus.
5. iPhone 5C – Starting from Rs 22,000/-
Although Apple has officially discounted iPhone 5C in India, it is still available online for price tag of Rs 22,000/- for 8 GB version. The device comes in plastic body and almost same hardware specification as iPhone 5S. This device lacks fingerprint scanner. Those who want Apple brand and want to try iOS for the first time, it is the perfect buy. At the price point of Rs 22,000/-, it is quite light on your pocket too.


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