March 2, 2021

New version of Kaspersky Mobile Security launched

The new security solution features a new tool for checking suspicious links in text messages and a new ‘Alarm feature’ that helps find lost smartphones.

Kaspersky Lab has announced the release of a new version of Kaspersky Mobile Security, a dedicated security solution for Android-based smartphones. The product comes with a new tool for checking suspicious links in text messages and a new ‘Alarm feature’ that helps find lost smartphones.

Kaspersky Mobile Security will be available from the Kaspersky Lab online store and on Sakri online shop. It will be also available in IT retail outlets and major large format retail outlets like Reliance Digital, Staples and Wal-Mart in India from 14th May 2013. Registered users of previous versions can upgrade to Kaspersky Mobile Security free of charge, but they must reinstall the application.

New features in the latest version of Kaspersky Mobile Security:

A new feature that checks text messages identifies malicious and phishing links, protecting user data from cybercriminals and fraudsters

Kaspersky’s internal testing shows the new Kaspersky Mobile Security is up to 10 times faster than the previous version when it comes to antivirus scanning

Kaspersky Mobile Security now features new protection tools, including a new Alarm anti-theft tool, at no cost. The paid-for version of Kaspersky Mobile Security includes several features that automate and enhance the anti-malware and privacy functions, and users can upgrade from the free version directly from their smartphones.

Mobile Threat Insight

Some people fail to realize that mobile devices access the same websites – and threats – as personal computers. Today, most users understand the need for security software on their personal computer, but often fail to see tablets and smartphones as “pocket-sized” computers that require the same protection from malware and cybercriminals. As more people use smartphones and tablets to access their bank accounts and purchase goods online, cybercriminals now see mobile malware as an easy way to strike unprotected devices and make fast money.


In fact, Kaspersky Lab specialists detected over 35, 000 new malicious programs for Android devices in 2012 – approximately six times more than in 2011. That growing trend is likely to continue this year, while malicious programs look set to become more complex and dangerous. Also, Android devices are clearly the most popular targets, as nearly 99 percent of all mobile threats that Kaspersky Lab detected in 2012 were designed to attack Android smartphones and tablets.

In addition to the threat of malware, users often lose important personal information in more low-tech ways. According to a survey conducted in 2012 by O+K Research, 14 percent of users either lost or had their smartphones stolen. That’s why it’s critical for a mobile security solution to not only protect against malware and other types of attacks but also be able to prevent confidential data from falling into the wrong hands – something the new version of Kaspersky Mobile Security successfully achieves.

Product Highlights

Antivirus Protection

Kaspersky Lab has incorporated state-of-the-art security technologies into Kaspersky Mobile Security, including proactive and cloud-based technologies that make use of Kaspersky Security Network. Combined, they provide robust, reliable protection from cyberthreats. For user convenience, the product includes automatic scanning and real-time protection (available only in the paid version) alongside on-demand scanning.

Web Protection

Kaspersky Mobile Security reliably protects mobile web access from malicious links designed to steal personal and financial data. The new Text Anti-Phishing feature shields the smartphone’s owner from malicious SMS spam and scams by checking all links in incoming text messages.

Anti-Theft Protection with Remote Web Management

With the help of the Anti-Theft module the user can remotely block a smartphone, wipe confidential data from the memory, and even take a photo of the person who found (or stole) the device if it has a frontal camera. If a smartphone is lost, the user can locate it using GPS readings or signals from the closest GSM towers or Wi-Fi networks. The new Alarm feature helps find a smartphone misplaced in the immediate vicinity: when this feature is activated, the device sends out a loud signal until the owner finds it and enters a secret code.

Moreover, the updated version of Kaspersky Mobile Security allows users to remotely interact with a lost or stolen device, increasing the chances of finding the device. By logging in to Kaspersky Lab’s dedicated web portal, the user gains access to all of the Anti-Theft module’s capabilities.

Several of the functions available in Kaspersky Mobile Security can also be activated by sending an SMS containing a special command to the stolen smartphone from another phone.

Privacy Protection

The Privacy Protection feature can hide specified contacts as well as lists of incoming and outgoing calls and messages from prying eyes. This can be useful if the need arises to temporarily give your smartphone to a friend or a colleague to use. This feature can be enabled automatically or upon the user’s command, which can be sent remotely.

Call and Text Filtering

The product’s features can also be used to create white- and blacklists of contacts, block unwanted calls and messages, including those from concealed numbers, or to completely block incoming calls or SMS messages.