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New Relic AI Awarded Best Generative AI Solution

New Relic AI wins AI Breakthrough Award for ‘Best Code Generative AI Solution’ for its ability to help customers accelerate observability adoption and gain efficiency 

New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, announced that New Relic AI has won the AI Breakthrough Award for “Best Code Generative AI Solution.” This recognition reflects the company’s leadership in AI and commitment to making observability accessible to customers from every industry around the world, regardless of prior experience. 

New Relic AI can answer natural language questions about system performance, analyze recent changes, summarize dashboards, and assist with platform navigation and onboarding. Its observability insights inform decisions that impact all areas of the business, removing data silos between teams and allowing organizations to standardize on a unified system of intelligence. New Relic AI provides an AI-powered experience that transforms DevSecOps and ITOps workstreams with proactive, context-rich insights and customizable automation at every step of the software and IT service management journey.

“New Relic AI addresses the challenges posed by the increasing complexity of IT stacks. As Gen AI transforms the software development process, the demand for trusted observability increases. Despite this, engineering teams still struggle to grasp the full potential of a trusted observability platform due to overwhelming amounts of data,” said AI Breakthrough Managing Editor Steve Johansson. “New Relic AI revolutionizes observability adoption and practices. It encourages engineers of all backgrounds to unlock observability’s benefits, making it our choice for ‘Best Code Generative AI Solution!’”

“We’re pleased to be recognized in this way by AI Breakthrough. We designed New Relic AI to democratize access to observability,” said New Relic Chief Product Officer Manav Khurana. “Observability is a powerful practice that can help companies scale and drive innovation, and New Relic AI is critical in helping to make observability ubiquitous by removing the technical barriers to entry. We will continue to assist organizations by helping them to deliver better products and customer experiences.” 

New Relic AI also makes it simple to debug and fix code-level issues,  automate error troubleshooting, isolate root cause, generate system health reports, summarize and analyze dashboards, identify alerting blindspots and more — in virtually any commonly spoken language.

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