New MacBook Air With 12 Hours Of Battery Life!

5JCR105310AM6112013As rumoured earlier, Apple has announced its new upgrade to MacBook Air series of notebooks at WWDC’s keynote. Though the outer construction of the device remains the same, major changes have been done to the core of the computer.

The new addition is the thinnest and lightest member of the Mac family but with additional power that lasts much longer. The new update carries two versions, an 27.9-cm (11-inch) and a 33.02-cm (11-inch). The 27.9-cm (11-inch) MacBook Air starts at Rs 58,020 approx ($1,000) for 128 GB of storage and the 33.02-cm (11-inch) starts at Rs 63,822 approx ($1,100) for 128 GB. The two versions are already up on the Apple’s website for sale.

Apple is boasting its new Air notebooks for it all-day battery life as they sport Intel Haswell ULT processor that is known for improving the battery life for almost five hours on the 27.9-cm (11-inch) device and seven hours on the 33.02-cm (11-inch). This means that the 27.9-cm (11-inch) device will now provide a backup of nine hours and and the 33.02-cm (11-inch) will provide a backup of full 12 hours.

The Haswell chip also provide Iris Graphics technology to the notebooks. This means from the previous HD Graphics 4000 it will now provide 3-D performance at a 45 per cent faster rate. So with these improved graphics power, get set for an all new gaming experience. Additionally, the device sports a 802.11AC Gigabit Wi-Fi chips.

All these updates clearly states that Apple is set to provide a highly portable machine. The Air will be a fabulous choice for those who travel a lot or those who work on fields throughout the day.