December 4, 2020

New images of Amazon smartphone leaked online


Alleged images of Amazon’s forthcoming smartphone have leaked online claiming to reveal the phone’s form factor. Previously, purported live photos of the phone were published online, however, the phone was enclosed in a protective shell hiding its real design.

The new images have been published by US-based technology website, which claims that these were created for internal use by graphic designers at Amazon and that multiple reliable sources have confirmed the authenticity of the images.

The phone featured in the images borrows design cues from Apple iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy phones and even BlackBerry 10 phones.

The front panel of the phone rises above the frame and has chamfered edges similar to the iPhone and HTC One. The front panel looks similar to that of the iPhone 5/5s but features a Samsung Galaxy-like Home button. The left edge of the phone features what appear to be the volume rocker, power keys, and a sim card tray, while the right edge is barren. The phone’s bottom edge is very similar to the iPhone sporting the charging port and two speaker outlets.

The phone’s main frame is rounded at the edges and extends to the back. The back panel features the camera lens and the LED flash along with Amazon branding.

As per earlier reports and leaked images, the Amazon smartphone will have four front-facing cameras with infrared sensors, apart from the standard front- and rear-facing cameras. The four front-facing cameras will track users’ retina to “make some images appear in 3D, similar to a hologram,” as per a Wall Street Journal report.

The eye-tracking technology will monitor whether the user has moved closer to the screen and automatically zoom into images. It may also manipulate text and images as a person moves the phone. The phone will also reportedly support gesture control and will debut a new feature called ‘Prime Data’ which may offer free data transfer while using Amazon services. The phone is expected to sport a 4.7-inch 720p display, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM and run a forked version of Android.

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