March 5, 2021

Netweb deploys India’s fastest Supercomputer at C-DAC, Pune

With the recent installation of supercomputer at C-DAC, Pune; Netweb Technologies has maintained their supremacy of being the leader in implementing fastest supercomputers in India for almost a decade. Starting in 2003, when Netweb had deployed a supercomputer at IMSc Chennai, which was then the number one supercomputing system in India.


The current supercomputer that was inaugurated on the 8th February 2013, at Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Pune is the next-generation PARAM System, which is an upgrade of the existing PARAM Yuva system. This system consists of 224 Intel based Tyrone servers having Intel’s latest Xeon Sandy Bridge Processors & Xeon Phi co-processors, with over 30000 processing cores including coprocessors and total 14 TB of memory.

The next-gen PARAM supercomputer is India’s largest supercomputer built with hybrid technology and has a peak computing capacity of more than 500 Teraflops. Netweb Technologies have tested and efficiently achieved a sustained performance of 370 Teraflops over LINPACK benchmark. The LINPAK benchmark is the measure of a system’s computing power and is used for ranking the supercomputers worldwide.

Dr. Pradeep K Sinha, Sr. Director, HPC, C-DAC, India who is the main brainchild behind this supercomputer said, “The upgraded PARAM Yuva installed at C-DAC, Pune by Netweb Technologies is based on Intel Xeon Phi Many Integrated Core architecture co-processors, and has become the most powerful supercomputer for India’s scientific community with theoretical peak performance that exceeds half Petaflops. This largest system was supported by Department of IT, Ministry of Communications & IT, Govt of India and will provide unprecedented computing power for doing research in the field of Biotechnology, CFD, Seismic, Atmospheric, Computational Science, Disaster Mitigation, Engineering and other disciplines. This will pave the way for a wide range of achievements in science and technology for India. I would also like to express our full satisfaction and admiration for Netweb Technologies that completed the project in record time.”

Mr. Sanjay Lodha, CEO of Netweb Technologies said, “The system is the first installation in India with Tyrone Servers and Intel Xeon Phi, a debut product from Intel.” He thanked the C-DAC team for their support during the project execution and said, “The project was implemented in a record time and that would not have been possible without the support from entire C-DAC, Intel and Mellanox teams.”