Netflix to Be Free for 2 Days in India

Netflix is planning to host a 2-day free trial in the country in December to promote its streaming service amid limited users to possibly entice more subscribers to join the platform. There has been also news about the latest Netflix applications for all Android devices. The application appears to have a code that suggested the trial that can be called as StreamFest.

The application version 7.78.0 build 11 35157 for Android has an in-application text string which refers to the Netflix StreamFest trial, which was 1st first spotted by an XDA Developer. The trial will run as a promotional event on 4th December.

As per one of the text strings, the application will not require users to set up their transaction method while they are signing up for the StreamFest trial. This is not like the previous thirty-day trial under which users were told to set up transaction method by adding their credit or debit card information and had to select any which they will like to have after the promotional period.


Image from Netflix


Anyhow, users signing up for the trial will still be required to fill in their information regarding email address or mobile number. The information will, although, just be used for receiving a reminder message.

However, the StreamFest seems to be entirely free, and it does appear to have restricted access. There is also a suggestion made that the trial would not be accessible for all the Indian users and might only be another limited-group testing by Netflix.

There is also some announcement about the launch of a weekend trial in India, which says that everyone in India should have free access to Netflix for a weekend so as to expose a bunch of new people to the amazing stories that the application has.