NelsonHall SmartLabTest Recognises AntWorks as a Document Cognition Leader

AntWorks, the global provider of artificial intelligence and intelligent automation solutions powered by fractal science, is again recognised as an industry Leader by NelsonHall. AntWorks’ Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) technology this year is named a Leader in both structured and unstructured document cognition following its NelsonHall SmartLabTest review.

The review results noted that AntWorks’ CMR:

  • fractal analysis technology allows for a smaller set of training data

  • among the best performing platforms in its ability to accurately detect fields

  • ability to perform sentiment analysis, handwritten and cursive handwriting digitisation within a single tool

  • offers high ease of use in creating document cognition models and altering extracted data

“NelsonHall put AntWorks to the test – and once again our technology has delivered,” said Asheesh Mehra, AntWorks Group CEO and Co-Founder. “The SmartLabTest results prove that AntWorks’ use of fractal analysis rather than OCR elevates its accuracy and volume of fields detected and data extraction and pattern recognition performance. NelsonHall also notes that the CMR’s use of fractal technology decreases training requirements for AntWorks users.”

AntWorks CMR is among the best performers in field recognition for 1003T3s, invoices, purchase orders and SEC filing documents. It’s a leading performer for accuracy relative to 1003T3s, purchase orders, poor quality invoices and SEC filing documents.

NelsonHall added that CMR is one of the easiest platforms to create processes and perform quality assurance on ingested documents and ease of use in creating document cognition models. The report emphasises the CMR’s high initial accuracy, stating that in the majority of test cases the percentage of fields detected was high even when training on a small set of documents. CMR accuracy is strong on highly structured documents and even more robust on unstructured documents.

Mike Smart, Senior Analyst and Operations Officer, NelsonHall notes, “AntWorks was ranked as a Leader in NelsonHall’s Document Cognition SmartLabTest NEAT due to CMR’s high accuracy across the tested document types, even with small training sets, and its outstanding ease of use which allows buyers to democratise the use of document cognition across the organisation easily.”