Our in-house design team is relentlessly pursuing to develop unique, multi-functional yet affordable products which will be unveiled in 2022

Neha Sharma, Co-Founder of iGear

Neha Sharma, Co-Founder of iGear

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Neha Sharma, Co-Founder of iGear, India’s foremost innovative gadgets brand shared her views on the year-end 2021. She spoke about the organization, last year’s performance, and the future ahead.

Prateek: How was the company’s performance in the year 2021 in terms of sales? 

Neha Sharma: iGear Tech was founded in 2016 where the primary focus was on the B2B segment. It allowed us to establish our product quality and brand awareness. We aggressively forayed into the B2C segment in 2019. As we moved forward ventured into D2C  and online started contributing substantially in the growth and has become the main contribution in sales. The company’s performance has grown multifold YoY as we were successfully able to harness all platforms through innovative campaigns about our multifunctional, practical, and trendy products. Besides having established partners in Tier 1 cities we were enabled to outreach to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities too.

Prateek: Who would you like to thank for a wonderful year?

Neha Sharma: This year has been stupendous for us in terms of market penetration across all verticals and we have managed to create a unique niche for ourselves in so short a time. The entire credit for our success goes to our customers for maintaining their faith and support constantly with us during pandemic times. This has motivated us to work tirelessly and helped us to bridge the gap between expectation and end result for the customer. We are also thankful to the entire iGear team, our channel partners, and the logistic chain to help us in reaching where we are today.

Prateek: Which product was the highlight of the year?

Neha Sharma: The WFH and LFH has brought out many winners. But the Hero product this year is KeyBee, our retro-style keyboard, and mouse combo. The overwhelming response and reorders have necessitated the launch of KeeBee Pro in January 2022. Another product, The DualConnect has also been in great demand. In the audio segment our wooden soundbar, Ensemble has garnered rave reviews while our range of desk lamps and night lights are runaway hits.

Prateek: What will be the company’s strategies for the forthcoming year?

Neha Sharma: The pandemic and resultant factors have made us proactively address the unprecedented supply and distribution challenges by streamlining procedures and protocols which we will continue to refine and fine-tune in the future too. Our in-house design team is relentlessly pursuing to develop unique, multi-functional yet affordable products which will be unveiled in 2022. We are gearing up to have a big presence across all verticals by incorporating cutting-edge technology. We aim for deeper market outreach and visibility by meeting the dynamics of the ever-changing consumer durables industry.

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