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NEC Japanese Language Academy (NJLA) under NEC Technologies India (NEC India) started offering online courses.

NEC Japanese Language Academy (NJLA) under NEC Technologies India (NEC India) manages the language and inter-cultural training.Since May 2020, NJLA started an online course for the interested people who got home-bound due to the breakout of the pandemic. Since then it has gained a huge popularity. It helps to address the need of the eager Indians who want to learn new skills. NJLA will also offer other online courses from July later this year.

NJLA will offer two online programs namely the Regular and Refresher course. The regular course comprises from Beginner (JLPT N5) to Advance (JLPTI N1) levels where each level can be completed in 5-6 months. The Refresher course will provide an extra practice on selected topics which the student might have missed due to the lockdown.

The training session will be conducted online through applications like  Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and many other. The sessions will be a blend of workshops, brainstorming sessions, presentations and interactive discussions to provide a better learning experience.

 NJLA’s special Training Programs , Employment Opportunities and Placement Support System will provide the students with an insight in the different  fields of Japanese language.

 Deepti Kaur, Associate General Manager, NEC India, said that an expertise in Japanese language will open gates to multiple opportunities in India and Japan. NJLA has successfully helped over 3000 fresh graduates and working professionals with good opportunities worldwide.The online classes will provide them with an easy and hassle free experience of learning even in this pandemic situation when nothing is certain.This will also help students from Tier-1 and Tier-2 to develop and gain skills for better career prospects.