Nearly 6,000 Customers Now Experience SAP Business One(R) Powered by SAP HANA(R) on SUSE Linux Enterprise

“Since SAP Business One was released on the SAP HANA platform, Linux expertise has been essential to implementing it,” said Phillip Cockrell, SUSE Vice President of Worldwide Alliance Sales. “The integration of in-memory functions has made SUSE Linux Enterprise Server the most optimized platform on which to run the latest version of SAP’s mid-sized business solution. It’s a prime example of SUSE’s ecosystem of partners and communities enabling customers to manage complexity, reduce cost and deliver business-critical services to their customers.”

SAP channel partners in the SUSE Partner Program have benefited from high-quality technical training on enterprise Linux, earning industry-recognized certifications. Other program benefits include profit sharing through deal registration rebates and access to the SUSE Installation Wizard, a powerful automation tool that streamlines deployment of SAP Business One running on SAP HANA with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. SAP channel partners use the SUSE Partner Portal to access installation tools, technical training and pre-sales support.

Consumer goods and plastics manufacturer ZELAN takes advantage of improved SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA performance running on the SUSE operating system. “This allows us to boost processing capacity for our business-critical applications,” said Pawel Nowak, Operational Manager at ZELAN. “SUSE has raised our enterprise operations to a higher level of stability. Since moving to SUSE, ZELAN has also seen reduced need for software and hardware administration. We are also able to predict power savings. These factors generate significant financial and operational benefits for ZELAN.”

Finn Backer, Vice President, SAP Business One, said, “Over the years, SUSE has partnered with us for education, automated installation programs, sales and technical support, and a practical approach to our common business needs.”