NDOT- A revolutionary fleet intelligence platform where transportation meets technology

An exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Nandakumar, CEO and Managing Director of NDOT
IT Voice :-1. Explain briefly about NDOT?
Mr.NandaKumar :- With 250+ customers and 100,000+ connected vehicles, NDOT is a global leader in revolutionizing the transportation industry. We are productizing the technology to expose the uniqueness in the fleet management: Taximobility, for the on-demand transportation that moves people, and CerebroX, for the transportation and logistics that move goods.
We are a team of Enterprise Mobility solution providers in the latest areas of IoT, Big Data, Intelligent Cloud, Mobile Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Platform and so on.
Our transportation management solutions are intended to help transportation management company face the teething troubles while competing with the large players in a highly competitive world.
NDOT moves with the vision to “be the leader in transportation technology by providing Intelligence to make smarter decisions in moving commodities and people” and has a milestone for 2020 “connecting 2 Million commercial vehicles on cloud.”
IT Voice :-How has your cloud-based software simplified enterprise mobility?
Mr.NandaKumar :- Software built on Cloud accelerates better business results and let them stay ahead of their competitors. Take Taximobility for example.
Taximobility is one such cloud-based taxi management software to simplify the taxi-booking and -dispatching processes. It helps connect passengers and drivers, thereby saving time and costs as booking and dispatching cabs become easier with the help of the mobile application. Therefore, the taxi companies can deploy more services to a wide range of customers in a feasible time and get more business in a fraction of second and at ease. It was developed with an intention to help the SMEs to explore among the big players in the taxi industry so that they can:
· Reduce operational costs – Reduce costs associated by supporting and managing transportation
· Deploy easily – Can be operational very quickly and integrate driver, passenger, and dispatcher
· Maintain continually – Get continued service from our end, thereby helping our clients have immediate access to new features
· Enhance security – Mitigate the security risks associated with the cloud by enforcing encryption; securing the mobile workforce; and storing sensitive data in the current corporate systems.
IT Voice :-Explain in brief the steps adapted by you for the development of the company?
Mr.NandaKumar:-NDOT was started as a service-based company. After analysing the market requirements, we have realised that the transportation industry needs to be technologically revolutionised. This is where we got the ignition to set off the idea to build products on enterprise mobility with connected intelligence. So, we begot Taximobility and CerebroX. Being eminent products, we have taken them to the global market to revolutionise the transportation industry worldwide.
Now in NDOT, there are 300+ employees, serving 250+ customers across globe, and moved to a bigger facility with the greater hope to grow more in the IT industry.
As we are planning for a bigger move, we have decided to raise funds from venture capitals for development and expansion plan, and the process is in progress.
IT Voice :- Being in the IT space, whom do you consider your most powerful competitor and why?
Mr.NandaKumar :- Competition and competitors are everywhere. When it comes to Information Technology (IT) field, it is even greater. In every market, we have competitors in varied forms. However, we hit the market with the potential and one-of-a-kind products that can outweigh the competitors with its effectiveness.
IT Voice :- Keeping in mind the industry you are in, how do you see market in India as compared to the global market?
Mr.NandaKumar :- Transportation happens whenever there is a need for a movement of goods and services from one point to another. There is a greater scope for our transportation management software everywhere; Indian market is of no exception.
IT Voice :- What is your target in terms of revenue as a firm for the current financial year?
Mr.NandaKumar :- Our target would be to achieve USD 2 Million for the current financial year.
IT Voice :-What are your new upcoming projects?
Mr.NandaKumar :- We are indulged in enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our eminent products to revamp the industry in a furthermore way.
IT Voice :- Where do you see your company in the next five years?
Mr.NandaKumar :- In next five years, NDOT will be the “Technology Leader” in the industry with enhanced credibility and make it better in all possible ways. TaxiMobility and CerebroX would be the only option when people think of transportation that moves passengers and goods across places.