March 7, 2021

NComputing To Showcase Its Desktop Virtualization Solution At The Mega CMDA IT Expo 2015

Live showcase of 30 desktops running on a single CPU with help of NComputing.
NComputing is the Ideal IT solution for Smart Cities.

NComputing, the leader in client virtualization and education solutions in India, today announced that the cmda booth snapshotcompany would be showcasing its revolutionary Desktop Virtualization technology at the Mega CMDA IT Expo 2015 from 10th to 13th December at Pune. The main highlight of the event would be a live display of 30 desktops running on a single CPU with help of the NComputing solution. This could even be scaled upto 100 desktops from a single server. Visitors would experience how this solution can maximize their IT investments and get more from less. At this Expo, NComputing would showcase its entire range of solutions like the L series, X series, M series and the N series.

According to Monali Handa, Marketing Director, NComputing APAC, “Our Desktop virtualization solution allows educational and training institutions, SME, SMBs and Enterprises to setup the most economical, energy-efficient and eco-friendly IT infrastructure.”

These solutions provide optimum return on investment (ROI) by providing savings on hardware acquisition costs by over 50 per cent, management costs by up to 75 per cent, and electricity cost by as much as 90 per cent. This enables them to set up a computing infrastructure that is green, cost-efficient, environment friendly, easy to maintain, obsolescence-proof (since there are fewer PCs to maintain/replace), emit significantly less CO2, and lead to 90 per cent less e-waste.

With over 1.4 million deployments across the country, NComputing solutions, provide the best value and price-performance combination and are being increasingly adopted across multiple verticals and customer segments—from Enterprises, Education, IT/ITeS, SMB to Government and Non-Government organisations.

Some of the large-scale implementations made by NComputing in India include 18,000 seats across 1800 learning centers of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL), 75,000 seats in schools across Gujarat; 60,000 seats in 6000 plus Government schools in Andhra Pradesh; another 60,000 seats in Punjab; 58,500 seats in 2622 government schools of Haryana; 31,000 seats in ESIC across 2210 locations in India, and deployment of many lakh devices in over 70,000 educational institutions that includes over 50,000 government schools..