NCN awarded RCTA for ‘Best IT Association Award’ category in the ‘11th NCN Innovation Award Night’

National computrade news  (NCN) Awarded to Rajasthan Computer Traders Association ( RCTA) for  ‘Best IT Association Award’  category in the ‘11th NCN Innovation Award Night’ on May.18th, 2018 at Hotel Surya ,New Delhi.  This award has been received by Mr. Mihir Sharma (president of RCTA) on behalf of organization

NCN IT magazine is the Channel Network of Information Technology will be the key to address the huge Indian market potential. Not only because of it’s divergent reach but also because of the divergent product range that IT has to offer. For any IT company the mantra of fruitful existence is by way of meaningful co-existence, i.e., developing effective partnerships to promote one’s products and services. Size doesn’t matter. What matters is effective reach through partners.

RCTA is an association of IT entrepreneurs of rajasthan that works to create and sustain an environment conducive to growth of IT industry in rajasthan. RCTA is the group of 350 members and partnering industry through advisory and consultative process. RCTA has become the nodal agency responsible for growth and development of IT industry and has emerged as most important IT forum in Rajasthan. It has successfully created an ambience conducive to the growth of the Industry and trade in this region. RCTA is a non-profit organization, playing a proactive role for the development of IT trade and to maintain harmony among all.