March 3, 2021

Navjot Sidhu wife statement: Navjot Sidhu to quit politics

Amritsar: BJP MP Navjot Singh Sidhu’s wife and Amritsar-East MLA Dr Navjot Kaur Sidhu has alleged that her husband has been “sidelined” by his party. Navjot Kaur also said that her husband is having a tough time in politics as a Bharatiya Janata Party MP because he is being pressured to support corruption.

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Kaur further claimed that Sidhu, a three-time MP, has switched over to doing television shows because he was sidelined. Kaur said: “Since the past six months, I’ve been hearing that my husband Sidhu is keeping away from the system; he’s not working for the system. To be in the system, one must have the liberty to choose your people and if you can’t do so, the system suffocates you.”

“My heart wanted to tell the people of Amritsar that he is not running away. He is not running from the system. He felt suffocated in the system; that is why he is out for sometime,” Kaur added.

Navjot Kaur’s Facebook post said, “How can you let an honest leader survive? One who does not believe in corruption, does not support criminals, does not become party to commission system, what good can he do to the party? So, finally you decide to push him aside, make him feel suffocated in the system.”

Sidhu, who is the Amritsar MP, has not been to the city for the past several months and has signed contracts for various TV shows. Reports say Sidhu is upset as he was denied a post in the party national executive.

Sidhu had recently participated in reality show ‘Big Boss’ and currently hosts a show in the ongoing Indian Premier League matches. His wife said Sidhu had not been able to devote proper

time to his family because he had been nursing his constituency.

Kaur alleged that Sidhu was not consulted while selecting party leaders for state and even Amritsar district bodies. Besides dealing with infighting in the BJP, Sidhu also had differences with the SAD over the municipal corporation elections.