NASSCOM Signs MoU With Fujitsu Research Institute To Promote Cooperation Between Japan And Indian Businesses

 logo (18)The National Association of Software & Services (NASSCOM) and Fujitsu Research emvideo-youtube-NWim1eqwFf8Institute (FRI), Japan have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance cooperation in the IT-BPM sector between India and Japan. The purpose of the MoU is to promote cooperation in the area of Information Technology and Business Process Management Services in India. The timeline of the MoU will be two years, during the course of which, it will provide Japanese and Indian businesses with more platforms to increase communication and networking opportunities.

Talking about the MoU, Mr. Ameet Nivsarkar, Vice President – Global Trade Development, NASSCOM, said, “Throughout history, India–Japan relations have traditionally been strong and Japan is currently the third largest source of foreign direct investment for India. However, the bilateral trade especially in the technology sector does not reflect true potential. The aim is to provide a platform for Japanese businesses, where they can access important information about India and the Indian IT-BPM industry. This partnership also provides an excellent opportunity for the Indian service providers to showcase their capabilities and network with the Japanese businesses to promote bilateral trade between the countries.

The scope of the partnership will include:

Jointly distributing professional content about India to Japanese businesses and about Japan market with Indian companies Organize workshops in India and Japan to acclimatize Japanese companies on doing business in India or with India and acclimatize Indian companies about doing business in Japan or with Japan Both FRI and NASSCOM to organize and support business delegations. itvoice

Mr. Yoshiro Suzuki, Head, Global Business, Fujitsu Research Institute said, “This partnership will help companies of both countries to acclimatize to the style of working of both countries. The scope of this MoU includes various pre-determined activities which will benefit companies in the sector. During the course of the MoU each party will have the opportunity to acquire information of the other party opening up a free channel to exchange ideas.

There are currently 1,000 Japanese companies in India but there are many more eager to look at India as a market both for business and talent and as an IT partner. This new partnership between NASSCOM and FRI will surely address the issue of lack of information and therefore, increase the number of Japanese companies interested in India to started operations in India.