NASA Introduce In New App For International Space Station Fans

Are you interested in NASA’s International Space Station (ISS)? Then NASA Nasahas some good news for you as you can keep a daily track on the space station now via their newly launched app. The new NASA app gives information about ISS experiments, facilities and research findings.

The information will be provided through video, photos, interactive medium and detailed descriptions too. The app has been dubbed as Space Station Research Explorer and its Experiments section contains six categories along with some subcategories. The category system details about the experiments through dots and there are some stems which connect the dots to the system. These stems portrays the time which an experiment takes to be completed on the orbit.

Users can go through all the experiments through these categories and the subcategories. If they are searching for any specific experiment, then the search option is also there. The descriptions of the experiments also list the important links, photographs and the papers, if at all available. The app’s Facilities section gives an insider view of the three station modules: Columbus, Kibo and Destiny. Another section, Benefits, gives information on health factors, earth benefits and education scenario across the globe.

If you select a section, you can investigate more into a particular benefit. The Media section has three divisions: Podcasts, Games and Videos. Games section has a game which informs about different levels of gravity while a ball is tossed. Podcasts offers the links to NASA ScienceCasts and Videos section gives links to Science related videos. The space station, ISS, works as a microgravity and space environment research laboratory at the orbital altitude of between 330 km and 435 km. It travels at an average speed of 27,724 kilometres per hour. Crew members out there conduct experiments on biology, human biology, physics, astronomy, meteorology and other arenas too.