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Must have apps for a modern woman

Technology is something that helps men and women alike, however for a woman it plays a role lot more than just a helping hand, mobile handset being one of them. Our smart phones have become a part of our daily must-haves, especially as single women on-the-go. Our phones hold the keys to some of our most important resources, from connecting us to our bank accounts instantly to tracking weight loss goals. No single woman should go without a few apps to help promote their personal health & lifestyle, safety, travel, organization and budgeting.
So, what do we do to make life much simpler? From safety to shopping to health and education, here are top most popular apps you can download on your mobile.
To help women ensure better safety, there has been an increased attempt at seeking solution in technology. While most are mobile apps for personal phones, there is also an alarm system now that can be fitted into public buses. The interest in these apps has decreased gradually in recent times. Himmat: The Himmat app can be downloaded free of cost from the Delhi Police website – www.delhipolice.nic.in. This App is only for mobile phones working on Android, since a survey has revealed that most working women use Android based phone. In due course this facility will be extended to other operating systems as well.
Despite being in the early stages, online shopping is gaining momentum in India. The explosive growth of smartphones and tablets has helped e-commerce quite a bit. According to estimates, on an average, a product is bought every 39 seconds on eBay India using a handheld (smartphones, tablets or other mobile phones). Ebay: The eBay app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and allows users to shop and sell their products. The app has a category-wise search as well as keyword search. Users can simply put in the word or the name of the product they want to buy and related results will appear.
For those trying hard to keep a check on their weight, the ideal diet plan could now be just an app away. With the smartphone steadily making its way into every urban household, healthcare applications are becoming must-haves for mobile users. Glow: For those having trouble getting pregnant, this app might be worth checking out. This summer, Glow claimed it had helped 20,000 of its users successfully conceive a baby naturally. Much like the tracking apps, Glow asks users to log in their menstrual cycles but it also asks for daily health information, such as stress levels, basal body temperature, cervical position, and smoking and alcohol intake.
Cell phones are a fantastic way of communication, but they come with unexpected surprises like unwanted phone calls. Maybe the cell phone number allotted to you belonged to someone else. Regardless of the cause, solutions are popping up like downloadable apps that can help manage the experience. Holaa! is a multi-faceted call management platform, with first of the features being identification of caller’s name, it also presents the callers photo and location during an incoming call live. The app also helps block spam calls from pesky spammers or other unwanted callers.
If you need a cab to go to office, a party or back home, you don’t need to call the agencies and wait for someone to come and take your call. Cab apps come to your rescue. Apps from agencies like Uber, Ola and Meru provide you with options and you can choose from the cheapest and fastest ones.
As far as India is concerned, use of technology for aiding women’s security and making her life more simple is important. Today, apps might not play a vital role in society, but its constant use and regular updates as per the need and awareness about security will help the apps see good days in the future.

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