Indian IT domain will be more towards exploring wider areas of data analytics, as we can notice like most of the software companies are having vision to analyse data that is coming on their software to know the individual behaviour – Mukesh Agarwal, Surbhi Electronet, Full Interview

Mr.Mukesh Agarwal, Managing Director of Surbhi Electronet Pvt. Ltd.

Mr.Mukesh Agarwal, Managing Director of Surbhi Electronet Pvt. Ltd.

Surbhi Electronet Private Limited is a leading IT Solution provider. Established in the year 2004, the organization is a diversified group with expertise in Networking Solutions, Security systems, Communication Gateways, Cloud Computing Software, Storage systems as well as all types of Computer Hardware. Below is a snippet from a recent conversation with Mr. Mukesh Agarwal, Managing Director of Surbhi Electronet Pvt. Ltd.:

Prateek: Take us through the journey of Surbhi Electronet Private Limited (SEPL), please.

Mukesh Agarwal: SEPL is known as a system integrator of this industry where we use our expertise to develop single integrated solutions for all kind of industries by integrating multiple technology, we are partnered with all the reputed global Brands / OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) / Software Companies / Technology Companies. If I talk about the journey of SEPL, it gives me immense pleasure to say that we begin our company with a bunch of people, with limited partnership of national level tech companies, with limited goals in our eyes, had small specialised team and a very specific geographical area to work but there was one thing that was big that was our vision, long back in 2004 we had already visualised our company were we are today, we have already achieved to capture the national boundaries and are moving forward for global boundaries, we have been working with all the reputed OEM / Tech companied around the globe, we have all kind of expert / specialist team, we are very enthusiast to diversify and simplify tech pain point at globe level in upcoming few years, long back we had already visualised our company where we are today and today I can visualise the heights that we have to take in upcoming future.

Prateek: What segment brings the most traction for the organization?

Mukesh Agarwal: We believe that IT industry is one of the most evolving industry, in every few year technology around this industry takes an rapid growth or get obsolete. At a present scenario we are very focused towards the working under technologies like Cloud Computing, Citizen Centric Solutions, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, Training of Cyber Security. By bringing in expertise inhouse under these solution we believe that we will be able to tackle and help lot of costumers to take correct guidance for their pain point.

Prateek: What will be the dominating trends in the Indian IT domain?

Mukesh Agarwal: I think one of the most dominating trends in upcoming Indian IT domain will be more towards exploring wider areas of data analytics, as we can notice like most of the software companies are having vision to analyse data that is coming on their software to know the individual behaviour. Trends like this have their own pros and cons but yes I feel in upcoming few years IT industry will take an dynamic shift towards smart and intelligent working behaviour on individual. Also with data analytics I feel that literally towards Cybersecurity, Automation of workflows, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) will be most used technologies integrated to build upcoming software’s / solutions.

Prateek: How well is Surbhi Electronet prepared to play a vital role in the digitalization process?

Mukesh Agarwal: SEPL is very well prepared to focus on digitalization process, as we just not make our customers to be digitalised we also explore digitalisation internally too in our company. Digitalization process is not a one time job it is an recurring process that you have to walk with, similarly internally we have been working every day to simple our process area for better efficiency & effectiveness of employee also that helps us to know how expert & specialised our digitalisation team is. We are well equipped with Technology Experts, have presence nationally, have diversified and more than 15 years of industry experience.

Prateek: What inspires you to lead on the front with energy every day?

Mukesh Agarwal: It is very difficult to answer this question as there is not one factor that inspires me with energy everyday but I think IT industry and especially companies like us have a great opportunity every day to solve new problem area with new / existing customers, working internally with our expert team and architecting the appropriate solution with multiple options for the same and delivering solution to costumer is the most satisfying for me. Apart from this also our organisation is quite flat in hierarchy wise, so interacting with multiple department executives and taking their suggestions to improve there department process is also another key factor that boost up my energy.

Prateek: Where do you want to take the organization in the coming years?

Mukesh Agarwal: In coming years our first motive is to have a global presence, where we are looking forward to increase and bring in more diversified technology expertise in our team throughout globe, also we are working to develop our own solutions to solve high level industry problems, we are developing focus towards providing business advisories / consultancy services to our focus market. We are also moving to a model where we will be onboarding lot of senior advisor from various base like public sector / global MNC / Banking industry / Technology Scientist. Apart from this we are everyday working and learning to improve healthy employee culture with work life balance and maximum motivation to employees to work as leaders instead of workers.

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