Mr. Vishal Shah and Mr. Tarun Taunk in an exclusive talk about their IT Journey and growth.

Mr. Vishal Shah and Mr. Tarun Kumar Taunk in an exclusive talk about their IT Journey and growth.

Mr. Vishal Shah and Mr. Tarun Kumar Taunk in an exclusive talk about their IT Journey and growth.

Vishal Shah: In 2013, after almost investing for more than 5 years in our technology, we acquired our first customer based out in the Pharma Industry, which had a compliance in HIPAA on an international level, and ultimately with our product (BLACKbox) in use, their audit was successful. And our brand got recognized in the SMEs and international Industry.

Back in 2008, when we started this venture, our USP is based out on providing multiple functionalities in a single product (including Endpoint Protection, Backup, Storage, Security and more).

Generally, the problem turned out to be on the side of buying different products for different functionality use, for the Small and Medium Enterprises it turned out to be a difficult task because the products that are dominating the market are being used at a larger level in big corporates.

Even SMEs require the same level of trust and authority in their solutions just as for a large-scale corporate, but only the difference is for a lesser number of systems and devices.

To point out the same issue in the industry, we as a brand visualized of having a single product, multiple functionalities for the use. Eventually, it helped in decreasing the number of hardware elements in a company, effectively helping in managing out costs.

To make it simple was also our one of the important concerns to eliminate the need of an IT Manager and designed our product in a flexible way for the SMEs and other IT Industries.

The journey went on a nice growth since 2013 to now, having acquired more than 9700+ deployments for SMEs, and brought a confident product in the market.

Now, we are into channel industry to reach out to much larger audience for our product growth and help the users and enterprise to make the best use of it (entering the market a One Solution with Multiple Functionalities).

We have started conducting some many activities for the knowledge awareness and not just for our brand or product growth. So, despite of focusing on our own brand, we portray pure knowledge to the all the listeners and IT Community to make SMEs and other industry a better and secure place to work on, and for letting people benefit by our experience.

Tarun Kumar Taunk: So, I started journey in 1996 with the hardware reselling, and we have got a gradual growth ever since, now I am running a media house, a software development company, corporate IT Solutions provider, and I am also a mentor in the NGIS Scheme in the Software Technology Park of India.

We have work with Government Departments to the Big Corporates, managing, providing solutions, and service support along the way.

I started this media house only for the purpose of educating individuals with the updates in the IT Industry. Talking about this huge pandemic that we had to face, but IT Sector has seen a tremendous growth because of that. And this growth helped the nation to achieve great global enhancements. The BLACKbox products that you briefed about is one its kind on its own, and industries and SMEs can easily benefit from it, and have a secure workplace around them. So now despite dealing with multiple vendors for multiple solutions, they can now easily contact one company for their requirements and after sales support.

Such kind of products are helping the industry to work smoothly and securely and help them to achieve their targeted goals.

Ongoing Zoom Call
Ongoing Zoom Call

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