January 25, 2021

Mr. Sonit Jain,CEO at GajShield Reaction On ‘Net Neutrality’

‘Net Neutrality Reactions’

“Ending Net-neutrality will squeeze out start-ups who will have to Mr Sonit Jain, CEO at GAJSheildpay distributors to offer their apps at the same level as the larger player. This will monopolise the service for a few. Internet was
developed to provide free and fair access to all. Limiting this will kill innovation and prove to be amajor hurdle in the growth of the Indian economy.”

About GajShield

GajShield Infotech (I) Pvt. Ltd. since its inception in 2002 focuses on providing Network Security Solutions to Corporate. Our Mission is to “make the Internet a safe place to work”. GajShield is a leading Security Company having the distinction of being one of the few companies worldwide and the 1st Indian Firewall Product Company to have earned ICSA Labs Firewall Certification Criteria 4.1. The ICSA Labs’ Certification Program provides assurance to
the user community that certified Products meet industry-accepted security standards worldwide. GajShield develops markets and supports an integrated set of enterprise security management software products for heterogeneous computing environments. Large customers around the world select the Company’s solution because of its reliability, performance and unique ability to seamlessly integrate with existing and future computing environments. To know more please visit www.gajshield.com