Mr Ruchir Talati, Business Development Manager, Matrix Comsec, Vadodara share his Views & Vision

IT Voice: What’s the difference between Universal & VoIP Gateway ?

Ruchir Talati: The Gateway is a device which bridges two networks. VoIP Gateway, the name itself suggests that it gives an access to VoIP network. Universal Gateway supports all network interfaces i.e. CO, ISDN BRI, T1/E1 ISDN PRI, GSM/3G and VoIP. UG can give an access to any of these networks. 

Mr. RuchirTalati, Business Development Manager (Telecom Solutions)  Matrix Comsec, Vadodara

Mr. Ruchir Talati, Business Development Manager (Telecom Solutions) Matrix Comsec, Vadodara

IT Voice:  How you choose your Channel Partners & Empower them?

Ruchir Talati: Matrix is essentially a products and solutions company. Therefore, we are a completely channel-oriented company. Hence, selection and nurturing them has been the key to success of our business. There is selection process in place, where we map different criteria with business requirement of the region.  We have a well-defined channel program to work with channel partners at all levels beginning from consultants, resellers, system integrators and distributors/stockists.

We work very closely with our channel partners in all the areas including marketing, sales, supply and support. They benefit from cutting-edge technology, field-proven solutions, marketing-sales-technical trainings, solution design assistance, presentations and sales calls help, immediate supply, technical support during installation, technical help during customer complaints and efficient and cost-effective RMA services.

IT Voice:  In which continent, you are doing best? Doing Business in India, what are the “Things No One Ever Told”.

Ruchir Talati: Having global footprints in Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa, Matrix markets its product through 600+ channel partners.  Asia is the best amongst them as far as business is concerned. 

IT Voice:  How someone gets benefits through your solutions?

Ruchir Talati: FAB (Features, Advantages & Benefits)

In Matrix we believe in values and the same we deliver in whatever we do. Be it product, channel or market.  When someone buys Matrix product, expect best of technology, features and functions.

IT Voice: What we expect more from technology & less from each-other?

Ruchir Talati: Technology enables us to fulfill the complex needs of our customers, empower them to do more with their businesses.  Hence, we must expect technology to deliver the same. 


Matrix Corporate LogoIT Voice:  Please give a rough idea about costing for small, medium & large enterprise for full set-up?

Ruchir Talati: Matrix has a flexible solution which enables customers to invest only in essential requirement to start with which they can scale in-line with the technology as per their future needs. 

Rough costing would range as follows:-
Small: 20k – 70k
Medium: 70k – 250k
Large: 250k – 800k

IT Voice:  Comment on “Traditional Offline Marketing” & “Digital with Third Party Marketing”.

Ruchir Talati: In earlier days Traditional Offline Marketing approach was focused more on people on field to sell products and solutions. Due to limited availability of high-speed internet, social media and cost-effective ways to reach masses, offline marketing was stressed more. Now with Digital marketing, consumer is in position to make rational decisions based on information available on internet and social media, potential reviews from other buyers and ability to get information on-the-go.

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