downloadIndia, Dec. 11, 2013 – Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), the industry leader in network innovation, today announced Mozzart Bet, a leading online sports betting and gaming company servicing eastern Europe, has replaced most of its existing data center infrastructure with an integrated Juniper Networks switching, routing and security portfolio. Recently, Mozzart Bet grew its ground operations to more than 900 retail betting shops and has seen exponential growth of its online operations. This rapid growth forced Mozzart Bet to turn its focus on ensuring its network is stable, available, and most importantly, highly secure. This, combined with the company’s requirement to achieve 99.9999 percent uptime as quickly as possible, while simultaneously running network infrastructure flexible enough to facilitate continuous growth without interruptions and downtime, posed a major challenge for Mozzart Bet’s network team as well as on current business partners and vendors.

With that, Mozzart Bet decided to re-architect its data centers and underwent a thorough review of its existing vendors. After an exhaustive evaluation process, testing and using a five point selection criteria around stability, scalability, flexibility, security, and operational effectiveness, the company replaced its existing networking products with Juniper Networks® MX80 routers, EX Series switches, wireless LAN solutions, MAG Series Junos® Pulse Gateways, SRX Series Services Gateways, WebApp Secure and Spotlight Secure. In the first months of deployment, Mozzart Bet has not encountered any downtime of its network, helping to maximize its revenues. In addition to finding network solutions that are reliable and ensure high availability for both its retail stores and online properties, Mozzart Bet was specifically concerned with security – particularly of its online properties – and sought out solutions that also provide advanced protection for its websites and web applications. Mozzart Bet ultimately selected Juniper Networks WebApp Secure because it believes nothing else compared with the innovative approach of using deception to detect attackers. WebApp Secure identifies, tracks and stops attackers on a number of its websites to get a better understanding of the types of attackers that target Mozzart Bet.  

News Highlights:

·         Prior to deploying Juniper Networks solutions, Mozzart Bet experienced down-time in its network, which equated to loss of real revenue. Since deployment of Juniper’s products, the company has not had any downtime in their network services.

·         Mozzart Bet selected the Juniper Networks MX80 router because of its unparalleled performance and its ability to scale via software updates without having to upgrade the entire chassis was key.

·         Juniper Networks EX Series switches were selected based on performance, operational simplicity and rich feature sets. To further streamline network operations, Mozzart Bet deployed multiple EX4200 switches in a Virtual Chassis configuration, enabling the switches to be managed as a single logical device.

·         SRX Series Services Gateways were added to enhance security based upon its performance against comparable competitor firewalls. The performance of the network suffered no down-time compared against Mozzart Bet’s previous vendor.

·         Mozzart Bet deployed WebApp Secure specifically to gain knowledge of the attacking devices, not just the IP address, and to disseminate that intelligence quickly across its data center and to its network.  During the first six weeks of live deployment, WebApp Secure identified 2,643 attackers on the Mozzart Bet web properties that otherwise may have gone undetected. This means 0.3 percent of its web traffic was identified as malicious. Prior to installing WebApp Secure, Mozzart Bet did not have visibility into these attackers.

·         Mozzart Bet also selected the Spotlight Secure global attacker intelligence service as the consolidation point for attacker device information, feeding real-time intelligence to Juniper’s security solutions.

Supporting Quotes:

“Juniper Networks was willing to partner with us on creating an end-to-end data center solution that would expand to support our growing business. The security innovation from products like WebApp Secure and Spotlight Secure were in a league of their own and no other vendor could offer a similar solution for protecting web infrastructure. In the short time we’ve had WebApp Secure deployed, 2,643 attackers have been detected by the solution, providing us a level of visibility and actionability we’ve never had before.

– Cedomir Novakovic, senior system and network engineer, Mozzart Bet

“Mozzart Bet’s deployment of Juniper Networks solutions is a marquee example of the way in which our entire data center portfolio can be leveraged to provide network stability, flexibility and security. The insights Mozzart Bet will gain about attackers are invaluable and will allow the company to ensure a safe and reliable experience for its customers.”

– David Koretz, vice president of security products and general manager, counter security, Juniper Networks

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