Moxtra lets you edit, share apps in real-time

There are many online and mobile productivity tools. But still collaboration isn’t easy. “The moment an online meeting ends the content that’s shared disappears. Then people go back to their silos. They have their own notes. But they’re not able to share those offline,” says Kiran Datar, vice president of business development at Moxtra.


“You’ve got apps like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. But they work as repositories . Then you have the project collaboration tools like WebEx. But there’s nobody looking at the intersection of the two,” he adds.

Moxtra is a tool for the Web and iOS devices which is trying an innovative way to share documents and work collaboratively on them. You can store almost any type of content in digital binders on the cloud. The binders could contain Word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, audio and video files, presentations, Web links.

The binder then can be shared with different people via email, or through the app itself. The documents shared can be edited as needed. You can also add notes, annotations and even a voice-over to a particular document. Users also have the choice to make the binder public but it will not have editing privileges.

You can share a binder in an online meeting within the app, and edits and notes can be added to the documents in the binder in real-time. The app is free but has limited number of binders and pages you can use. For additional binders and space, you have to pay.

Subrah S Iyar, CEO and co-founder of Moxtra, also co-founded WebEx in 1999. WebEx was acquired by Cisco in 2007. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Moxtra is a privately held company. It has established an office in Bangalore for product development. From its Bangalore offices, Moxtra will provide technical and customer support and start app development. Datar says they are looking at Moxtra as a container app where there can be a number of apps for specific verticals like, finance, accounting and business.

“We want to be a big company in a very short period of time. And Bangalore’s a good complement to Silicon Valley. You do find a lot of talent to work with in Bangalore that is comparable to the guys in Silicon Valley,” Datar added.

“The application is a brilliant idea and it has made demonstration of the multi-media content for our graphic art seamless,” says Chandni Harlalka, founder of Artflute, an online creative community where you can buy and sell original art.

Moxtra, she says, has helped them in creating theme based Art Binders that includes the artwork, voiceover commentary describing each of the works and its inspiration. “This in turn has substantially increased the appeal of our art work to potential customers,” she says.

                                                                        Source- Times Of india