Motorola DROID Ultra and Moto X spotted in fresh leaked images

leaked-image-motorola-635It seems Motorola is gearing up fast to launch two new smartphones as we get fresh leaked images of Moto X and DROID Ultra. Recently, we spotted back panels of the yet to be announced Motorola Moto X and now an image of the Motorola DROID Ultra has also hit the Web.

Developer forum XDA has published an image of purported front panel of the Motorola DROID Ultra smartphone. The image shows an all-white front panel of the device. The device was already spotted on Motorola’s website which shows the thinness of the Kevlar body. Looking at the photo, the device seems to feature a very thin bezel and a large screen. The image was posted by XDA Developers forum user xavierk75, and it supposedly shows the yet to be launched DROID Ultra XT1080.

Fresh images of Moto X have also hit the Web with a confirmation that the device will be launched this month at an event. G for Games has a set of images of the device and claims that it will launch on July 11.

However, a report by CNET claims that Google will not reveal the Moto X at the upcoming event, but it will showcase something other than Motorola’s first big release as a Google company. The report also goes on to say that podcaster Leo Laporte revealed in his “This Week in Google” show that he received a personal invitation from Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki, and he believes that we’ll indeed see Moto X unveiled at the event.

Recently, Motorola also hit major newspapers like the USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post with full-page ads. The ad, that talked about the first phone that consumers will be able to design themselves, got a good response from the audience. The ad had a tagline like ‘Designed by You. Assembled in the USA’.