Mother’s Day Special – Startups/Brands Helping Mompreneurs To Fight The Pandemic Situation

Startups/Brands Helping Mompreneurs To Fight The Pandemic Situation

Startups/Brands Helping Mompreneurs To Fight The Pandemic Situation

With e-commerce beginning to move above and beyond conventional methods and practices, it has paved the way for Mothers to become Mompreneurs from the comfort of their homes. Recent years have seen Mothers running successful businesses in several sectors including technology, education, baking, etc. 

Heena, a Kolkata-based Mompreneur, ran a humble little boutique with her designing and sewing skills while selling some of the town’s best-embroidered Kurtis, suits, dresses, and more. Quite popular in and around her neighborhood, Heena was earning a substantial amount every month, contributing to her family, And then, the COVID-19 outbreak happened, and expectedly, hit her business hard. In these difficult times, there are few homegrown Startups helping them to sustain their business.

Dotpe(Digital Showroom)

Digital Showroom, an app that helps small businesses and Mompreneurs to start selling online. Available on both Android and iOS, Digital Showroom is reimagining how India does commerce by allowing SMBs to take their business online in 15-seconds at no cost.

Helping Mompreneurs like Divya Tater, Founder, Parenting Done Right, an online shop for Kids clothing and goods. Divya used to spend hours during her pregnancy searching for newborn clothes but the search was always exhausting and disappointing. So, she wanted to fill the gap in the market and hence she started her own business. A great idea needs a good platform and Digital Showroom not only helped her to sustain her business but earn a livelihood by maintaining social distance.


An e-commerce solutions provider, Shopmatic brings several elements of the e-commerce landscape onto a single platform to help aspiring mompreneurs start their own business or to take their existing businesses online. Shopmatic offers different online mediums for Mompreneurs to operate such as customized online stores, selling through social and chat commerce, selling on multiple marketplaces with integrated global payment options and shipping solutions.  Shopmatic has enabled individual women entrepreneurs, Mompreneurs, College girls, Housemakers, etc. Shopmatic helps business mompreneurs to manage the full spectrum of what is required to grow their businesses


Many small business owners have struggled to stay afloat after being hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Because the pandemic disproportionately impacted the SME sector, this put a major strain on small business owners, specifically. Amazon is helping them by providing a marketplace to sell their products online.

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